Below is a selection of the kind responses we've had from our friends.

Mini Kitchen Stars

"Loved it so much - bringing two friends and their children to the next course!". (April 2011, Libby's Mum)
"Great course, enthusiastic class leaders and very well organised. Would definatley recommend. Great to encourage pricky eaters to touch, feel and try new foods". (April 2010, Maya's mum)
"Megan loves the course and sharing her cooking with the rest of the family". (April 2011, Megan's Mum)
"Thank you, so enjoyable. Have tried all the recipes again at home." (July 2010, Ciaran's Mum)
"Excellent course, very good variety of food. Brilliant teachers". (July 2010, Sophia's Mum)
"Oliver has really enjoyed this course, it has given him a real interest in food and cooking and he always eats what he has made that day. Offers great value for money as you can stay and play at Gambado which is perfect!". (May 2010, Oliver's Mum)
"The course was fun, educational and interesting. The recipes were age appropriate and easy to make at home." (May 2010, Noah's Mum)
"The variety of recipes and organisation was excellent. The course introduced me to ingredients I don't usually use." (May 2010, Anjali's Mum).
"Fantastic course, better than expected. Will sign up again. Short, easy to follow recipes, which taste delicious" (May 2010, Selena's Mum).
"My daughter really enjoyed coming. The recipes have inspired me to do more cooking with her. Thanks" (February 2010, Sa-Fire's Mum).

Junior Kitchen Stars

"Bliss thoroughly enjoyed herself - I also found the recipes easy and nutrious to make. Bliss has grown in confidence in the kitchen as a result - thanks!" (July 2010, Bliss' Mum)
"The leaders were very understanding and also catered for my daughter's dietary requirements." (July 2010, Jada's Mum)
"Fantastic! Both boys had a fabulous time. Thank you so much" (October 2009, Sammy & Luca's Mum)
"Recipes are easy to make at home. Great variety of ingredients". (October 2009, Kate's Mum)

Cooking Parties

"Very enjoyable time for all. Emma and Cecilie engaged with the children throughout". (September 20109, Georgia's Mum)
"Jess said this was her best party ever! I agree, the kids had great fun and I had a good time actually being able to sit down and watch! Thank you." (April 2010, Jessica's Mum)

Adult Classes

Feedback from Adult Basic Cooking Course at Shirley Children's Centre:

"An excellent basic cooking course with great ideas to adapt recipes. Very friendly Kitchen Stars Leader. It really inspired me to cook more from scratch at home" (October 2010, Natalie)
"This course is really worth it and very educative" (October 2010, Oluseyi)