About Us

Well just me really! My name is Emma Rowland and I love, love, love, love food and all things food related.

I decided to set up Kitchen Stars so that I could share my passion and knowledge with everyone else and enable children and adults to become better cooks in a fun and enjoyable way.

Most of my time is spent cooking, eating or dreaming of food I'd like to cook or eat. The rest of my time is spent cleaning up after the mess I've made. In fact most of my time is usually spent cleaning up after the mess I have made! My kitchen is usually messy!

My favourite food is something spicy like good Mexican street food or some freshly made chutneys and dips before a good homemade curry. Pizza from scratch is something I like to make with my kids and is one of my favourite comfort foods. I don't really like peas or blackpudding or coffee. It's tea all the way for me!

In my fridge you will always find creme fraiche, natural yogurt, parmesan cheese, pesto, houmous, red chillies and fresh parsley, ooh and a lemon or two.

My ideal afternoon would be spent walking around Borough Market buying lots of food and then taking it on a lovely picnic or I could be persueded to have afternoon tea with all the trimmings either way my favorite things to do always involve food.